Secdtie | Men's Modern Woven Slim Necktie

  • $11.99

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Not sold on woven or knit ties? Ask James Bond, who began rocking one in the 60's. Some believe James Bond was the first true men's fashion icon in cinema, making it cool to wear a suit every day no matter what. Whether this sounds like you or not, you can at least borrow a page from his book and make a statement at your next party. 


  • Though shown in bright green here, choose from a variety of colors and patterns offered by Secdtie, so you can add some flavor to any suit or shirt you presently own.
  • A woven tie stands out from the rest, especially for spring and summer event when paired with a lightweight blazer or suit.
  • At a fair price, stock up on several types to add tons of variety to your wardrobe.


  • Not the best tie for formal or business occasions - if you are just starting to build a more formal wardrobe, opt for a few simple, traditional ties first that cover more bases. 


  • If you're trying to add some flavor to your suit and blazer (no rhyme intended but keeping it) or add some summer pieces to your wardrobe, this woven tie by Secdtie is a great value for the money. 


  • Length: 148cm (58.27")
  • Width: 6cm (2.36") At Widest
  • Material: Fine Wool Cotton & Silk-Blend Microfiber
  • Bottom: Standard/Pointed

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