Herschel Supply Co. | Unisex Charlie Wallet | Leather RFID Wallet

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Picture the scene: it's a warm, bright summer day. It's hot, so you're wearing shorts and a t-shirt. You're planning to spend the day traveling, driving around, running errands, taking in the scenery, and getting some dinner before heading home later that night. You definitely need your wallet, and there's 100% chance your normal-sized wallet is not going in your shorts pockets. 

Enter the card wallet. This is the Charlie, a card wallet by Herschel Supply Co. made from genuine leather for longevity, durability and a sophisticated look. It's built to block RFID (radio frequency ID) waves from reaching your credit cards, leaving the tech-savvy thieves waiting in the wings disappointed when they can't steal your information. And best of all, it slips effortlessly into those snug shorts pockets. No pocket bulging required. 


  • Black and white striped fabric liner/RFID blocking layer.
  • Multiple card slots and top-access storage sleeve.
  • Coated perforated panel overlay.
  • Custom stitched webbing tab.


  • Slim design allows you to carry essential ID cards, credit cards and some cash in tight pockets.
  • Genuine leather is durable and water-resistant.
  • RFID protection for peace of mind. 


  • Only fits a couple of cards and a small amount of cash.


  • For easy travel, peace of mind and comfort in your pockets, a card wallet is a great buy for someone on the go during the spring and summer months. If you've been annoyed by bulky wallets when wearing shorts, owning a card wallet is definitely worth it. 

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