black and white lava stone silver moon phase jewelry buddha beaded bracelet

Buddhist Charm | Black & White Beaded Stone Stretch Bracelet

  • $25.00

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The half moon that inspired our Half Moon Buddha bracelet is actually called a 'Third Quarter' moon by moon phase definition. This means the moon is at a 90 degree angle between the Earth and sun. We've combined this piece of lunar moon phase jewelry with a traditional Buddha head. 

What is the meaning of a Buddha head? Some key characteristics of the Buddha head featured here are the calm, gentle smile, representing the feeling of inner peace and appreciation. Also shown is the short, curly hair left over, in homage to Siddhartha, who cut his own hair and renounced his privileged status in order to seek true Nirvana. 

Bracelet is made up of 8mm stones, and stretches to fit most. Bracelet features a silver colored Buddha head charm. Beads are half lava stone and half white marble. Perfect gift for Buddha lovers, spiritual friends or family, or a gift for yourself.  

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