Goorin Bros. | Men's Animal Farm Snap Back Trucker Hat

  • $30.00

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The mesh trucker hat is an absolute essential in men's summer fashion. Take a dunk in the ocean, sit in the sun all day and go out that night, and a mesh trucker hat will keep on truckin' with you. Are you a woman who loves this look? Great - the Animal Farm Trucker is unisex!


  • This hat features an adjustable snap back to fit any size
  • Fabric is 100% cotton, which is soft, pliable & high quality. 
  • Mesh allows for lots of breathability and fresh air to keep your head cool
  • If it DOES get wet, mesh and cotton will dry quickly.
  • Represent your spirit animal, if you're into that! Choose from 'Freedom' Bald Eagle, Lone Wolf, Black Sheep, Stallion & many more (see more at Amazon via link above).


  • Though this hat dries quickly, mesh will allow water to enter! 
  • Limited to casual settings. If you want to wear this hat to a wedding, we won't stop you!

Summary: If you need a breathable, comfortable, durable summer accessory for hanging out casually that also represents your spirit animal, this mesh snap back by Goorin is right up your alley. 

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