Inexpensive and Easy Ways To Clean Jewelry At Home

Interested in learning how to clean metal jewelry at home? In this article, we will explain some home remedies for cleaning your jewelry at home using common household items. 

What Is Precious Metal?

Home Remedies For Cleaning Jewelry

Gold, silver and rose gold are all considered precious metals. The term precious is meant to imply the rarity of these metals that are in circulation or available in natural form. These metals have been used as currency over many civilizations in the past, and have been known to increase in value over time – there’s only so much out there.

Precious metals have also been used to make fine jewelry for thousands of years, and all but the craziest styles of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and cuffs will never go out of style.

However, rarity and beauty come with a price. Even simple pieces will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. While worthwhile to consider, there are many alternatives that are much less expensive, durable and look great.

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What are some affordable alternatives?

The most cost effective metals are alloys like pewter (tin/copper blend), titanium and stainless steel. These look great and have a rugged elegance to them but do not contain any precious metals. We recommend accessories made of these metals if you are active and there is a reasonable chance of scratching, exposure to elements for prolonged periods, etc. The best thing about them is since costs are reasonable, you can buy several to encompass all of the looks and styles you want to achieve. Please be aware that excess sweating may cause discoloration

More expensive, but still reasonably priced, are partial precious metal accessories. These include 14k yellow gold, 24k gold plated, 925 sterling silver, rose gold plated and sterling silver. In these materials, you can find many nice metal jewelry pieces under $100.

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Why use natural methods to clean jewelry?

These are a few reasons to do so. Number one, jewelry-cleaning liquids are expensive and are usually sold in larger bottles only. It is likely that most of the bottle will go to waste at the frequency most people choose to or even need to clean their jewelry. Also, chemicals like heavy dish soap, bleach and chemical removers are strong and can damage or discolor jewelry easily. On a personal note, we at Rugged Swag believe in sustainability and minimizing excess and waste; using products you already have at home helps improve the rate of waste and chemical disposal. Our opinion is also that we should limit our exposure to chemicals and heavy cleaning agents as much as possible! We truly don’t know the effects these will have on us long term, but chemical exposure is a very real hazard most of us don’t even realize we are exposed to.

Home Remedies For Cleaning Jewelry:

Cotton Balls – Good for all jewelry

After you take off your ring, necklace or bracelet, use a cotton ball to remove any standing oil, dirt or staining from the inside and outside to restore shine and keep color in tact.


Toothpaste – Good for all jewelry except pearls (do not use)

Four common household items are required:

  1. Water
  2. Toothpaste (any)
  3. Soft toothbrush
  4. Paper or soft towel


  1. Coat jewelry with toothpaste using your fingers
  2. In crevices, use soft toothbrush
  3. Rinse with warm water
  4. Lightly dry with paper or soft towel

Ketchup –  Good for silvers

You will need:

  1. Water
  2. Ketchup (any)
  3. Small bowl
  4. Soft toothbrush
  5. Paper or soft towel


  1. Submerge your silver jewelry in bowl of ketchup, let sit for five minutes
  2. Remove and use toothbrush to rub ketchup gently along surface
  3. Rinse with warm water
  4. Lightly dry with paper or soft towel 

Other tips to keep jewelry shiny and looking good:

  • Avoid spraying with perfume or cologne.
  • Keep away from lotions and body oils when wet, including sunscreen – wait until dry.
  • Remove metal jewelry before heavy exercise or vigorous activity where sweating is likely.
  • Take off metal jewelry before swimming in a pool.


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