Spearhead | Pave Charm Beaded Stretch Bracelet

  • $25.00

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Known historically as a 'hasta', this ancient Roman spear is one of the earliest weapons carried by Roman soldiers. Soldiers of that time were referred to as 'Hastati' as they were known to wield this spear. Without too much detail, a Hasta was thrusted, rather than thrown. This was eventually replaced by the Roman Pilum when the Roman Republic took over. We've decided to keep the relic alive through our Roman Spearhead Pave Bead Bracelet.

Easy to use and durable, these bracelets go with almost everything. Wearing bead bracelets works well with most outfits. Beads are 8mm in diameter. Elastic bracelet stretches and fits nearly wrists - circumference is approx. 6-3/4 inch when not stretched. Bracelet can be adjusted to fit loosely around the wrist and base of your hand, or higher on the forearm. Stack several atop one another for a variety of color and themes. Spear head charm is brass, with black pave stones. Spearhead charm is available in gold, silver, rose gold and black color. Beads are matte black with two accent beads matching the charm. 


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