Gladiator | Lava Stone Beaded Stretch Bracelet

  • $25.00

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Roman gladiators are legends, thousand of years after they're long gone. Known as elite warriors combined with performers, their history includes performing for the entire city while fending off other fighters or deadly animals, sometimes to the death. Originally beginning as a punishment ritual for captured slaves or criminals, the gladiator quickly became a celebrity role in Rome, where dozens of free men signed to battle willingly in exchange for their chance at glory. Women even mixed gladiator sweat into facial cremes. Helmets were worn for obvious reasons, but their metal structure kept fighters safe as they reasonably could. If you had the chance to enter the arena for the chance at a big prize...would you?

Bracelet is made up of 8mm stones, and stretches to fit most. Choose between silver colored, gold colored or bronze colored or rose gold colored Roman warrior gladiator helmet charms. Black lava stone and blue ocean beads.   

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