3 Reasons Why Personalized Fine Jewelry Makes The Perfect Unique Valentine's Day Gift

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The holiday buzz is fading, winter is setting in and somehow, Valentine’s Day is now right around the corner. How did that happen? Each year the same thoughts creep in – I need to choose the best restaurant, cook the perfect meal, plan a romantic evening together and of course, find a great gift to give.

Guys searching for Valentine’s Day gifts for their girlfriends or wives understand the feeling we want our gifts to make a great impression, not end up forgotten in a drawer, and to last a long time. Fine jewelry is a classic gift for her and has been a Valentine’s mainstay for several decades now. Here at RuggedSwag, we love jewelry and accessories of all types and the passion so many people have for them. When it comes to giving a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift, however, we recommend taking the gift of jewelry one step further.

Custom Personalized Name Sterling Silver Pendant NecklaceShown Above: Our Custom Name Sterling Silver Pendant


The term ‘personalized jewelry’ refers to necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets that are customized for a specific person. Common types of personalization include names, initials, monograms and dates, which allow for creativity for a specific person across many celebratory occasions. Our personalized jewelry is offered in several types of precious metals, including genuine .925 sterling silver (with optional 24k gold and rose gold plating), as well as 14k gold and 14k white gold. Precious metals last for years and range in a variety of finishes and prices, depending on budget and tastes.

Here are 3 reasons why personalized jewelry is the perfect gift for her:

PERSONALIZED OLDE ENGLISH STERLING SILVER NAME BRACELETShown Above: Personalized Olde English Silver Name Bracelet


Flowers are beautiful, but barely last a day. Chocolate is amazing…until you eat it all (we’ve been there). But personalized fine jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Whenever personalized jewelry is worn and friends or family admire it, memories of the love you share will always come to mind. Every piece of jewelry out there tells a story, but personalized jewelry takes storytelling to a new level. A stuffed animal, as cute as it might be, can’t be brought with you wherever you go (right?), but personalized jewelry is the Valentine’s gift that can come along for life’s adventures.

Custom Name Sterling Silver Horizontal Skinny BarShown Above: Custom Name Sterling Silver Horizontal Skinny Bar Pendant 


A flashy pair of 14k gold earrings look amazing with an evening dress but look a little strange with a pair of sweats. A favorite accessory may be a hit when dressing casual but might not fit the bill for the next formal occasion. Somehow though, personalized jewelry looks great for almost any occasion with any outfit. For example, a personalized gold name necklace makes a great Valentine’s Day necklace, as it can be worn to work, to a party that night, and to a wedding the next day – catching eyes and complimenting the outfit at each event. Personalized jewelry can be worn almost anywhere, anytime which makes it an ideal Valentine’s gift.

Shown Above: A Variety of Vintage Jewelry In Several Styles & Types


We know the feeling of buying new jewelry – I love the way it looks, but how long will it last? This is an excellent question to ask, as there are many factors that play into how jewelry will hold up when worn in the sun, around moisture and in contact with the skin. Fine jewelry that is made of precious metal contains high (majority) percentages of pure ‘precious’ elements such as silver and gold, which are generally of higher quality than lower-priced counterparts that are made of alloys, nickel or other similar metals – these metals are usually used in costume jewelry, which is less expensive, but often do not last nearly as long as precious metal - jewelry containing elements like silver and gold hold up much better in the long run against wearing out. Note - caring for precious metal jewelry is required to keep jewelry looking its’ best, but good news – there are many home remedies for cleaning jewelry that are inexpensive, easy and quick to do, helping jewelry last for many years. As a bonus, precious metal generally holds value which can appreciate over time!

Custom Name Sterling Silver Horizontal Skinny Bar Bracelet

Shown Above: Custom Name Sterling Silver Horizontal Skinny Bar Bracelet


With so many styles, metals and types of personalized jewelry to choose from, we recommend that you take a look around to get a few ideas before choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Below are some links to our personalized jewelry collections - we’d love if you take a look! Either way, thanks for checking this out and we hope to have helped you come up with a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her that will help keep your Valentine’s Day 2019 on point, and a smile on your wife’s or girlfriend’s face!


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