Mother’s Day 2019 | 5 Types Of Moms And Jewelry They’ll Love

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Mom Jewelry: Fine & Personalised Mothers Day Gifts

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. Time to pay respect to the person who has been there since day 1. The person who kept you in line, made you wear pants, baked you a cake on your birthday. The person who you’ve battled with, you’ve cried to, who made sure you were fed and looked after, the person who even wiped your…….

This person, of course, is Mom!

Mothers Day Origin - When Did Mother's Day Start?

Mother’s Day Origin – How Did Mother’s Day Start?

Mother’s Day has technically been celebrated for thousands of years, originating within Greek and Roman cultures. In America, Mother’s Day was founded by Anna Jarvis in 1908, although there were several attempts by others to create the holiday dating back to the 1870s. Anna’s mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, was a Civil War hero for the care she provided to wounded soldiers from both the north and south during the conflict. Anna believed that mothers do more for a person than anyone else, and a day should be dedicated in honor of this. Mother’s Day celebrates not only Mothers, but the bonds they share with their children as well. These bonds are considered sacred by many cultures. Note – this is not limited to blood relation!

When’s Mother’s Day, You Ask? 

Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May in America, so Sunday, May 12this 2019’s Mother’s Day date in the USA, but this varies across the dozens of countries who celebrate.

Though Anna Jarvis and others have been outwardly against the holiday becoming commercial, Mother’s Day is one of the biggest commercial holidays in America.

If you have a Mom or your partner is a mom, celebrating Mother’s Day traditionally consists of the following Fs (we’ll call them ‘Fs’, because.):

  • Flowers
  • Food
  • Face Time (either in person or the literal FaceTime if you’re abroad)
  • Fantastic Gift

The first three are pretty easy. You can get amazing, affordable Mother’s Day flowers and bouquets from WholeFoods (highly recommend this). Food is thankfully abundant for most. Spend a part of your Sunday with Mom to get that face time.

But what about a fantastic gift?

What To Get Mom: Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Are you resistant to the commercial-ness of Mother’s Day but are still shopping for unique Mother’s Day gifts? You’ll need something that expresses your appreciation, lasts a long time and provides daily value, beyond just the cards and candy. If this sounds like you, we recommend getting personal by browsing fine and custom jewelry for mom this year.

Although Mom has played a similar role in most of our lives, not all moms are created the same. All moms have their signature styles, fashion tastes, and favorite jewelry. With so many jewelry companies and styles out there, it can be hard to find your mom jewelry that is catered specifically to her. That’s where we come in! Cue the music.

To make life simpler, we’ve narrowed down our list to five types of momsout there, which we think most can relate to. Below are some new and popular pieces from our fine and personalized jewelry collections that are guaranteed to be a hit this year.

Scroll to browse fine and personalized jewelry for Moms they’ll love!

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1. Traditional & Old-Fashioned

Some of us have moms whose style always stays the same. They prefer class over flash, simple over extravagant, and quality over the latest trend. This classy lady is looking for traditional jewelry! Luckily, these moms know what they want and prefer simple, easy mother’s day gifts.

For the traditional moms out there, we recommend the quintessential mom necklace: a custom name pendant!


Personalized Sterling Silver Name Bar Necklace

Link To: Custom Horizontal Name Bar Necklace – Available In Sterling Silver With Optional 24k Gold Or Rose Gold Plating.

Our Custom Horizontal Name Bar Necklace is simple and fancy. Modern and classic. Classy and casual. This horizontal pendant does everything well and can be personalized to your liking. The genuine .925 sterling silver horizontal skinny bar pendant is sleek and subtle, but adds a touch of elegance to nearly any outfit. Customize yours with an engraved special word or name. Pendant is hung on a matching box or rolo chain and closes with a lobster clasp. Black gift box is included.

Custom Classic Cursive Personalized Name Necklace

Link To: Custom Cursive Name Necklace - Available In Sterling Silver, With Optional 24k Gold Plating, Rose Gold Plating or Genuine 14k Gold.

Our Custom Cursive Name Necklace will be a favorite after first wear. Your name in upscale cursive and carved in sterling silver will look good with anything, any time. Stand out while dressed up, working or hanging out. Plus, it's the perfect icebreaker at your next party or event. Black gift box is included.  

2. Hip & Trendy

Does your mom have more fashion sense than you? Is she one of the most fit moms you’ve ever known? You’re shopping for a modern mom who is dialed in on the latest fashion trends. For those of us shopping for hot mommas, we recommend vintage fine jewelry:


Link To: Chandelier Triangle CZ Crystal Statement Earrings

Vintage jewelry is all the rage in 2019, and sparkling statement crystal jewelry is leading the charge. Our Chandelier Triangle CZ Crystal Statement Earrings were inspired by the pieces worn on the Hollywood Red Carpet this year. When one imagines the classic chandelier, the impression of sparkling crystals dangling in the light comes to mind. These statement earrings are made with genuine .925 sterling silver and AAAAA+ grade cubic zirconia stones. They’ll turn heads as they sparkle in the light, and have an impact on the evening like the chandelier high over the main entrance. 

Stardust Slim Cubic Zirconia & 24k Gold Rolo Bracelet

Link To: Stardust Slim Rolo Bracelet – Available In Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, With Optional 24k Gold Or Rose Gold Plating 

Slim and dainty, this rolo chain bracelet is best served for nice affairs! Cubic zirconia slim bar will turn heads as you walk in the room and slim chain has an air of elegance that cannot be denied. Perfect for evening party or formal occasion. Rolo chain is sterling silver and slim bar pendant is silver with cubic zirconia accents. Bracelet includes a lobster clasp closure and is available in 5.5 inch (average child's wrist), 6.5 inch (average woman's wrists) and 7.5 inch (large wrist) sizes. Black gift box is included.

3. Business Professional

Is your mom the big person on campus? Does she lead meetings, crunch numbers, make decisions and cash checks? Enter the professional mom. Dressing professionally limits the quantity and type of accessories one can wear while at work, but not all hope is lost. A busy mom needs simple jewelry that packs a (figurative) punch. We recommend fine rings and discreet pendants as go to gifts for working moms:

Personalized Name Sterling Silver Stackable Midi Rings

Link To: Personalized Name Stackable Midi Rings – Available In Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, With Optional Rose Gold or 24k Gold Plating 

Deck your fingers out with up to five sterling silver midi rings that feature custom engraved names. Our Personalized Name Ring is perfect for any ring lovers who prefer wearing midi rings (above the knuckle), often several at a time. You can wear one for yourself, two as mother daughter rings, or a stack to pay homage to family or your closest friends! Black gift box is included.

Personalized 24k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Initial Letter Necklace

Link To: Personalized Minimalist Initial Necklace – Available In Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, With Optional Rose Gold or 24k Gold Plating

How many times have you heard the expression 'less is more'? If you have simplistic and sophisticated tastes, you probably love minimalist jewelry already. Our Personalized Initial Necklace is the piece of simple jewelry that you'll love to wear with any outfit. Customize yours with a custom initial and your choice of length. This pendant and chain are made with genuine .925 sterling silver. Pendant measures 3/8 in. tall x 1/4 in. wide. Choose between two chain types. Black gift box is included.

4. Center Of The Family 

Is there a problem? Call mom. Need life advice? Call mom. Need a party organized? Call mom. Does this sound like your house growing up? You’re shopping for the center of the family. Your mom is the glue that holds the family together, and first thing she brings up in conversation is the love and pride she has for her family. Luckily, we carry several pieces of jewelry that make perfect gifts for busy moms like these!

Personalized Rose Gold Family Tree Necklace 5

Link To: Personalized Name & Birthstone Family Tree Necklace - Available In Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, With Optional Rose Gold or 24k Gold Plating

Introducing the ultimate family tree necklace. Made with genuine .925 sterling silver and plated with rose gold, this personalized pendant can be customized with up to five names of your choice and each of their birthstones, as well. Represent your family or closest friends in a very unique way. If you're searching for family jewelry or a family tree birthstone necklace, look no further! Also amazing if you need bridesmaid gift ideas. Black gift box is included.

Personalized Sterling Silver Infinity Name Necklace

Link To: Personalized Infinity Name Necklace - Available In Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, With Optional Rose Gold or 24k Gold Plating 

Our personalized take on the classic .925 sterling silver infinity necklace. Infinity is endless, has no boundaries and is everlasting, as is the looping symbol representing it. What better symbol to show your love for those close to you? Create your own Personalized Infinity Necklace in rose gold-plated .925 sterling silver, which is custom-fabricated with one, two, three or four names of your choice. 

Personalized Name 24k Gold Engraved Heart Necklace

Link To: Personalized Name Engraved Heart Necklace - Available In Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, With Optional Rose Gold or 24k Gold Plating

Whether you're searching for a couple name necklace or a personalized family necklace, you've come to the right place. This engraved heart necklace comes with two, three, four or five sterling silver heart pendants, and each one is custom-engraved with a name of your choice. This personalized heart necklace is an ideal couple name necklace on a romantic occasion, or a family necklace for mom on Mother’s Day!

5. Free Spirit 

She’s the mom who could live in a two room beach house. Who appreciates whole, all natural ingredients in food and cosmetic products. She’s the crafty mom, the spiritual mom who’s taught you about karma and the universe. If this reminds you of your own mom, we have several pieces that she’ll love. Here are some unique jewelry pieces that are perfect for a spiritual mother:

Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Hamsa Earrings

Link To: Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Hamsa Earrings - Available In Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, With Optional Rose Gold or 24k Gold Plating

Introducing stud earrings that make a spiritual statement. These stud earrings are styled in the likeness of the Hamsa hand (aka 'Hand of Fatima') and made using rose gold-plated genuine .925 sterling silver and are decorated with cubic zirconia & sapphire blue crystals. 

Interested in knowing the Hand of Fatima meaning? The Hamsa is known worldwide as an amulet that can bring good luck, good fortune and ward off evil, bad spirits. Protect yourself from the Evil Eye! Black gift box is included.

Antique Dreamcatcher 24k Gold Pendant

Link To: Antique Dreamcatcher Pendant - Available In Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, With Optional Rose Gold or 24k Gold Plating

The dreamcatcher originates from the American indigenous Ojibwe tribe. Also referred to as 'spider web charms', they were hung over the cradles of infants to catch any bad energy in the air, the same way a spider's web does. Keep the bad energy that may cross your path at bay! Black gift box is included.

Moon & Stars Rose Gold Layered Necklace

Link To: Moon & Stars Sterling Silver Layered Necklace - Available In Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, With Optional Rose Gold or 24k Gold Plating

The phrase of ' the moon & stars...' is no longer just an expression. This layered necklace pairing features both crescent moon and star charms in genuine .925 sterling silver hung on your choice of either a box or rolo chain, also sterling silver. Necklace set is available in five lengths and closes with a lobster clasp. Black gift box is included.

Thank You!

We truly appreciate your time reading this article and hope it has provided some unique gift ideas. As the brand founded for people obsessed with jewelry, who have unique style, who only pay fair prices, we say thank you to our fans.

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Best regards and Happy Mother’s Day,

Pat and Z

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