The First Piece Of Jewelry For Your Girlfriend: Five Ideas She'll Love!

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So your relationship has reached that point: you've been with your girlfriend for a little while now, you're growing closer every day and your relationship has blossomed from a new fling to something deeper...and it's time for you to buy her a gift. 

First off, we commend you for taking the time to research this! It shows you care, and want to put thought into a gift, not just give her some candy. Although that may work, too....

We digress. Buying jewelry for your girlfriend is almost always a great idea for several reasons:

  • Women can wear jewelry every day. 
  • Many types of jewelry don't go out of style. 
  • Jewelry doesn't wear out, tear or break. 
  • Precious metals like sterling silver, 14k gold, etc. hold actual value. 
  • There are many different styles as well as different price ranges.

Buying The First Piece Of Jewelry For Your Girlfriend: Some Rules Of Thumb

Before we discuss five different jewelry ideas for girlfriends, there are a few rules of thumb you may find helpful:

  • If your girlfriend is a jewelry lover, take a look at the few pieces she wears most often. Does she prefer silver? Gold? Certain colors or stones?
  • The more expensive the jewelry, the more 'classic' the styling should be. For example, cuban chains are extremely popular as of the writing of this article, but they're very specific to a certain style and aesthetic. Who knows, they might be seen as lame in a couple of years by the very people who love them now. Considering how much they cost, they're a very specific look and may not stand the test of time. 
  • If your girlfriend is constantly wearing different outfits and styles, consider buying her costume jewelry - made using durable non-precious alloys, but available in many styles at lower price points. 
  • If you're buying your girlfriend a gift for your anniversary, or a special occasion, precious metal jewelry is the way to go. Precious metal jewelry is still available in several affordable price ranges, with custom and personalized options to choose from. 

 Now let's get into five ideas for the first piece of jewelry for your girlfriend!

1. Personalized Name & Initial Letter Necklaces Are Always A Hit

Not only are personalized name necklaces a simple, yet timeless gift that nearly all women love, but custom name jewelry is one of the most popular jewelry trends right now. Here are a few ideas based on necklaces from our collections:


Custom Name Horizontal & Vertical Skinny Bar Pendants In Sterling Silver With Optional 24k Gold Or Rose Gold Plating

Simple and fancy. Modern and classic. Classy and casual. This horizontal pendant does everything well and can be personalized to your liking. Genuine .925 sterling silver horizontal skinny bar with rose gold plating is sleek and subtle, but adds a touch of elegance to nearly any outfit. Customize yours with an engraved special word or name. Perfect gift for girlfriend or wife on their birthday, your anniversary or Valentine's day. Comes with matching box or rolo chain and closes with a lobster clasp.

Shop Custom Name Horizontal & Vertical Skinny Bar Necklaces


Personalized Initial Letter Necklace In Sterling Silver

How many times have you heard the expression 'less is more'? If you have simplistic and sophisticated tastes, you probably love minimalist jewelry already. Our Personalized Initial Necklace is the piece of simple jewelry that you'll love to wear with any outfit. Customize yours with a custom initial and your choice of length. 
This pendant and chain are made with 24k gold-plated genuine .925 sterling silver. Pendant measures 3/8 in. tall x 1/4 in. wide. 
Choose between five lengths - 14", 16", 18", 20" or 22" and your choice of box or rolo chain. This necklace closes with a lobster clasp. 

Shop Personalized Custom Initial Letter Necklaces

2. Couple's Necklaces Represent Your Bond

When buying jewelry for our girlfriends, we hope that we'll always pop into her mind whenever she wears it. Not only will a couples necklace do this, but she'll show a symbol of your relationship to the rest of the world, too!

Couples Name Necklace In Infinity Loop Styling, Made With Genuine Sterling Silver & Rose Gold plating

Infinity is endless, has no boundaries and is everlasting, as is the looping symbol representing it. What better symbol to show your love for those close to you? Create your own Personalized Infinity Necklace in 24k gold-plated .925 sterling silver, which is custom-fabricated with one, two, three or four names of your choice. 

Shop Personalized Silver Infinity Loop Necklaces Featuring Custom Couple's Names

Personalized Stenciled Name Double Bar Pendant In Sterling Silver, With Optional 24k Gold Or Rose Gold Plating 

A blend of clean, modern jewelry design with elements of standard-issue stenciled military supply. This double bar pendant pair features two slim bar pendants in genuine .925 sterling silver with rose gold plating, each with your customized stencil-style personalized name. Consider this necklace as a paired gift for both you and someone close to celebrate your relationship. An extra plus if you're both into dog tag style jewelry. 

Shop Military-Styled Personalized Name Necklaces In Sterling Silver

3. Anniversary Dates, Custom-Carved For You 

Few things look as good, and perfectly represent your anniversary, as custom, personalized date jewelry. At RSCo., we offer personalized date jewelry in necklaces, bracelets and rings, depending on what your girlfriend likes!

Shop Personalized, Custom Date Roman Numeral Rings - Perfect Gift For Anniversaries!

Roman jewelry is a timeless theme - some of the finest architecture, jewelry and structures can be found in Rome, even to this day. This custom sterling silver ring will display your date of significance in Roman numerals, carved and silhouetted into the sides of the ring. It's the perfect jewelry gift for an anniversary.

Available in sizes 3 through 10, in sterling silver with optional 24k gold or rose gold plating. 

Shop Custom Date, Personalized Roman Numeral Rings in Sterling Silver

Custom Date, Personalized Roman Numeral Cuff Bracelet In Sterling Silver

This sterling silver cuff bracelet is made custom, and personalized for any date you choose. Your custom date will be embossed in Roman numerals. It's a perfect jewelry gift for celebrating your anniversary or any important date. Works great as a gift for someone specific. One size fits all. 

Shop Custom Date, Personalized Roman Numeral Cuff Bracelets In Sterling Silver, With Optional Gold Plating


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4. Elegant, Sparkling & Classy Doesn't Need To Break The Bank...

Nearly everyone appreciates a sparkling, shiny piece of jewelry when they see it, whether it be at a small party or on the red carpet. While celebrities may be able to spend $10,000 on a diamond ring or necklace, the rest of us just want jewelry that's clean, classy, good quality and looks the part. Luckily, fair priced luxurious jewelry is one of our specialties...


There's something pleasing to the eye about geometric jewelry. There's something great about diamonds and crystals, too - they sparkle! Luckily, you don't need to buy diamonds to have some sparkle in your life.
The Cubique bracelet features two strands of genuine .925 sterling silver box chain, with glass cube charms. Slim and dainty, you'll certainly turn heads in the light, as well as in a dim evening setting, too. 
See More >> 

Cubique Glass & Silver Multistrand Clasp Bracelet


Oceanic Pearl Luxe Drop Tassel Earrings

Having been the staple of classy wardrobes for years, pearls have made a resurgence recently in a youthful and fashionable way. Our Oceanic Pearl Luxe line is a fusion of natural pears and minimalist, modern style. These tassel earrings are made to be versatile and can be worn to a wedding, a night out or a formal occasion. 

Shop Luxurious, Classy Authentic Pearl Jewelry In Genuine Sterling Silver

Classique Silver Topaz Statement Ring

Sometimes, queens want to make a bold statement. Other times, a more polished, professional one. The Classique ring is made for the latter, but cannot help but make a bold statement anyways! Does that sound like you? 

In ancient Indian Sanskrit language, topaz translates to fire. Yellow Topaz gemstones are believed to attract wealth into your life, and are also associated with health and love. 

Shop All Women's Fashionable Rings In Costume & Precious Metal Styles

5. Sometimes The Most Simple Idea, Is The Perfect Idea

If you're not 100% sure what kind of jewelry your girlfriend likes, or if she even likes jewelry at all, that's OK.

We also offer many cool, fun and versatile beaded stretch bracelets that are made with genuine stone. They stretch to fit all wrists, go with nearly anything and are more affordable than some other costume and precious metal styles. Here are a few pieces from our collections!

Pave High Crown Matte Black Beaded Stretch Bracelet

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Shop Tiger Eye Stone Bead Stretch Bracelets

Skull King Black & White Stone Bead Stretch Bracelet

Shop Skull-Themed Stone Bead Stretch Bracelets

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In Conclusion...

We hope you've found these jewelry ideas helpful! As you can see, there are so many jewelry styles, types, materials and price ranges to choose from, finding the perfect first piece of jewelry for your girlfriend will be a piece of cake! Oh also, she may want a piece of cake, too. You can never go wrong with cake no matter what...;)

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