Symbolic Jewelry | 9 Spiritual Symbols In Jewelry And Their Meaning

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Common Spiritual Symbols In Jewelry And Their Meaning

Jewelry has been worn to express beliefs, loves and fashion tastes for millennia, all around the world. Jewelry transcends cultural barriers, religious practices and country borders - in this way, jewelry unites us. 

Across all religions or spiritual beliefs, practitioners wear jewelry to represent their faith. Some believe that jewelry can protect the wearer from bad energy or evil. Others believe that jewelry helps them keep their faith close to them. Not to mention, jewelry just looks good, too!

You've probably recognized some reoccuring symbols in jewelry and fashion. Maybe you've seen a symbol out of the corner of your eye and were intrigued. Perhaps you're looking for a new piece of jewelry with a specific spiritual theme to enhance your own faith. 


Here are 9 types of symbolic jewelry, and the meaning behind these spiritual symbols:

What Is The Meaning Of Hamsa In Jewelry?

1. Jewelry Symbol No. 1 - Hamsa (Hand Of Fatima)

The Hamsa, or Hand of Fatima dates back thousand of years and is an international amulet of good luck, which brings the wearer protection from the Evil Eye. Originating in the Middle East and northern Africa, the Hamsa is especially appreciated as the symbol spans across multiple mainstream religions.

Wear Hamsa jewelry for: good luck, protection from bad vibes 

Rose Gold & Cubic Zirconia | Hamsa Earrings



14k Gold | Hamsa | Hand Of Fatima Filigree Necklace



What Is The Meaning Of  DREAMCATCHER Jewelry?

2. Jewelry Symbol No. 2 - Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher originates from the American indigenous Ojibwe tribe. Also referred to as 'spider web charms', they were hung over the cradles of infants to catch any bad energy in the air, the same way a spider's web does. This includes energy that may come your way while you sleep! Keep the bad energy that may cross your path at bay!

Wear Dreamcatcher jewelry for: protection from evil spirits and bad dreams.


Sterling Silver | Antique Dreamcatcher Pendant

Sterling Silver | Antique Dreamcatcher Pendant
Rose Gold | Antique Dreamcatcher Pendant


What Is The Meaning Of EVIL EYE AND NAZAR Jewelry?

3. Jewelry Symbol No. 3 - The Evil Eye

What is the meaning of an Evil Eye in jewelry? Originally known as a 'nazar' in Arablic, an Evil Eye is an amulet that's rumored to protect you from any malicious or negative glares that may be coming your way, even without your knowledge!

Wear Evil Eye (Nazar) jewelry for: protection from eyes cast your direction with bad intentions. 

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Birthstone Rolo Chain Bracelet



What Is The Meaning Of The Infinity Loop Symbol In Jewelry?

4. Jewelry Symbol No. 4 - Infinity Loop

Infinity is endless, has no boundaries and is everlasting, as is the looping symbol representing it. The infinity symbol, also known as a 'double helix', serves as a reminder that life, our planet and the universe itself transcends what we see in front of us through our own eyes. The infinity loop is spiritual in this way. As for romance, what better symbol to show your love for those close to you?

Wear Infinity jewelry for: representing everlasting love, spirit and the universe


24k Gold | Personalized Name | Infinity Necklace



Rose Gold | Personalized Name | Infinity Necklace



What Is The Meaning Of The Tree Of Life Symbol In Jewelry?

5. Jewelry Symbol No. 5 - The Tree Of Life

Humans are flawed creatures. We're always experiencing some kind of crisis, all around the world. Yet the trees grow larger and stronger with each passing year. Despite setbacks like the weather and human impact, trees provide us with endless shade, oxygen and nourishment, year after year. In this way, the Tree of Life represents rejuvenation, growth and everlasting opportunity. 

Wear Tree of Life jewelry for: celebrating new beginnings, growth and the future. 

Sterling Silver | Personalized Names & Birthstones | Family Tree Necklace


24k Gold | Personalized Names & Birthstones | Family Tree Necklace



What Is The Meaning Of The SIDDHARTHA OR BUDDHA HEAD Symbol In Jewelry?

6. Jewelry Symbol No. 6 - Siddhartha (Buddism)

You probably know the name 'Buddha', but perhaps not Siddhartha. You may be surprised to learn that Siddhartha is the birth name of Buddha himself - the founder of Buddhism. His journey to enlightenment involved sacrifice (cutting off his hair), suffering (not eating), awakening (eliminating hate, the ego and negativity) and achieving total peace and consciousness ('Nirvana'). It was after traveling this spiritual path that he became the Buddha. This is the significance of Siddhartha in jewelry. 

Wear Siddhartha (Buddha) jewelry for: spiritual growth, enlightenment and inner peace. 

Buddhist Charm | Black Stone Beaded Stretch Bracelet






What Is The Meaning Of The Chinese Dragon Symbol In Jewelry?

7. Jewelry Symbol No. 7 - Chinese Dragons

In Chinese culture, dragons not only represent good luck, but also symbolize strength and power. Dragons are believed to control the water and weather. While in some cultures, dragons are symbols of evil and aggression, but in ancient Chinese context, dragons are the ultimate sign of good fortune and strength. This is why many emperors of China donned robes and clothing with dragon themes!

Wear Dragon jewelry for: confidence, strength, power and good luck. 

Naga | Dragon Braided Black Leather Wrap Bracelet

Dueling Dragon | Red Leather Bracelet

What Is The Meaning Of The Thunderbird Symbol In Jewelry?

8. Jewelry Symbol No. 8 - Thunderbird

Originating as a Native American symbol, the Thuderbird has roots in the southern parts of the United States but is a spiritual symbol for many Native tribes. It is believed that the flight of the Thunderbird is what creates rainstorms and of course, thunder. Often sitting atop totem poles, the Thunderbird represents an extremely powerful spirit of authority that comes to Earth to communicate messages from the great beyond. 

Wear Thunderbird jewelry for: power, authority and oneness with the Divine

Native Thunderbird | Patina Wide Cuff Bracelet


Native Thunderbird | Patina Wide Cuff Bracelet

Native Thunderbird | Silver Wide Cuff Bracelet


Native Thunderbird | Silver Wide Cuff Bracelet



What Is The Meaning Of Celestial Jewelry?

9. Jewelry Symbol No. 9 - Celestial (Moon & Stars)

Last on our list - celestial symbols like the moon and stars. While fans of astronomy are certainly loving the recent celestial jewelry trend, the moon and stars also carry spiritual significance. When you consider the term 'Heavenly Bodies' may be more literal than we think. The phases of a moon represent endings as well as beginnings, with certain states like the 'blood moon' representing making big decisions, leaps of faith and new beginnings. Stars are believed to represent divine spirits, wisdom and spiritual beings watching from above. 

Wear Celestial jewelry for: faith, beliefs, experience and taking chances.  

Sterling Silver | Moon & Stars Layered Necklace

Moon and Stars | Celestial Crystal Statement Earrings

In Conculsion

Spiritual symbols are everywhere, perhaps right in front of your eyes! Jewelry is worn to express our true selves, and many spiritual symbols are worn in jewelry for this very purpose. Which symbol stands out the most to you? Hope you enjoyed this article!

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