The Latest Spring 2019 Hollywood Jewelry Trends On The Red Carpet

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The Latest Spring 2019 Hollywood Jewelry Trends On The Red Carpet

Spring 2019 is already upon us. It's time to pack away the puffy jackets and sweaters, and start thinking about more time in the sun, that first short sleeve-only day of the season (here in NYC, anyway!) and what the hottest spring trends will be this spring. Though still early in 2019, celebrity fashion trends have been on display on the red carpet at several awards ceremonies, where A-listers don jewelry and accessories that serve as a preview of designer's newest fashion lines.

The red carpet is basically an unofficial runway, and we've observed several celebrity fashion trends in the jewelry this year. Check out some of our newest pieces, styled after spring fashion trends seen on the red carpet!

Crystal Statement Earrings

When one imagines the classic chandelier, the impression of sparkling crystals dangling in the light comes to mind. The Chandelier Triangle Statement Earrings are made with genuine .925 sterling silver and AAAAA+ grade cubic zirconia stones. These statement earrings will turn heads as they sparkle in the light, and have an impact on the evening like the chandelier high over the main entrance. 

Similar silver sparkling earrings have been seen on many A-listers this year, including Nicole Scherzinger. 

Chandelier Triangle CZ Sterling Silver Crystal Statement Earrings

Chandelier Triangle CZ Crystal Statement Earrings in .925 Sterling Silver

Emeralds & Emerald Green Crystals

The Art Deco jewelry styles of many years ago are now back in a major way. Vintage styles are seen everywhere from the red carpet to the local boutique jewelry store. The Soiree is our ode to the revival of art deco rings: antique-themed looping styling with glimmering clear and emerald green cubic zirconia stones, perfect for your next soiree.

Emeralds have been a huge hit this year, and have been worn by celebrities like Michelle Yeoh and Jodie Comer. 


Soiree Vintage Emerald Art Deco Ring

Celestial Styles & Pastel Gemstones

The moon and stars above are yours. These celestial earrings feature antique, pastel resin stones and are finished in vintage gold styling for a classic art deco appearance. These statement earrings are for the bold, who appreciate the modern drop earring revival and aren't afraid to stand out.

Celestial theme jewelry is very hot and celestial star-themed drop earrings were worn by Brie Larson in the past couple weeks at Captain Marvel premieres. 

Moon and Stars Celestial Crystal Statement Earrings

Moon and Stars Celestial Crystal Statement Earrings

Classic Sapphire Pendants

The more modern our world becomes, the more we learn to appreciate the classic looks of the past. Simple gemstone pendants have been a mainstay in luxurious evening wear for several generations and represent an overall elegance in a person. This led our inspiration for the Elegante Pendant, which is a more affordable take on natural sapphire stones. The cubic zirconia sapphire-colored stone is mounted in a vintage art deco .925 sterling silver setting, and surrounded with clear cubic zirconia stones. 

The Oscars last month featured several A-listers wearing gemstone jewelry. Helen Mirren was seen rocking sapphire earrings and a matching bib necklace, with Salma Hayek and Lindsey Vonn wearing other gemstone statement pieces. 

Elegante Sapphire CZ Silver PendantElegante Sapphire CZ Silver Pendant

Sapphire Blue Crystal Statement Tassel Earrings

Sapphire Blue Crystal Statement Tassel Earrings

 Neon Jewelry & Ocean Themes

If you love the ocean, you'll need at least one piece of starfish jewelry in your collection! The Clearwater Starfish Statement Necklace, paying homage to Clearwater, FL, combines the latest trend of bright, neon statement pieces and the classic bib necklace styling. Show your love for the ocean this summer season in the most flashy way possible. 

Dozen of celebrities were wearing various neon accessories and accents at the Grammy's and Oscar's red carpet events this year! 

Clearwater Neon Starfish Statement Bib Necklace

Clearwater Neon Starfish Statement Bib Necklace

Clearwater Sparkling Starfish Statement Bib Necklace

Clearwater Sparkling Starfish Statement Bib Necklace

We hope you've enjoyed this article! Please check out to explore our vast collection of fine, costume and personalized custom jewelry!


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