Out With The Old: 6 Affordable, Unique Wedding Bands For Modern Times

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Remember when every wedding band was a basic silver or gold design? When three month’s salary was the measuring stick for an engagement ring price? Where you reviewed your finances before entering the expensive jewelry store to purchase your new rings? Those days are done...

Well, not exactly. Wedding bands and engagement rings are a multi billion dollar industry. Plenty of newlyweds enjoy the traditional styles and precious metals that have stood the test of time for many years. But gone are the days where you had to conform to these rules without getting weird looks. In 2019, wedding bands come in many styles, materials and prices. Now is the time where newlyweds can be more creative than ever, explore unique options and spend a fraction of what was expected in recent years. 

Why Look At Wedding Band Alternatives?

Here are a few reasons why modern couples are interested in non-traditional wedding bands:

  1. Toughness – Precious metals are beautiful and shiny, but scratch very easily. For those with physically demanding jobs or an active lifestyle, durable wedding bands have more appeal. Metals like stainless steel and tungsten are seriously strong – they are industrial-grade materials used on airplanes and massive structures.
  1. Variety – In the past, a husband and wife wore the same rings for their entire marriage, as a symbol of their promise to each other. While rings still represent this, some people rotate through several bands for different occasions and wear them as fashion pieces.
  1. Price – People lose things. Stuff gets broken. Many don’t feel comfortable with the risk of losing or ruining a $ 2,000 ring. For less than 5% of that, there are plenty of great-looking and rugged wedding bands to choose from.

Below Are 6 Affordable, Unique Wedding Bands You Can Check Out For Some Ideas:

Personalized His & Hers Anniversary Date Rings 

To celebrate the day you met, go with a ring that displays your custom anniversary date. Shown below are two of our personalized roman numeral rings, which come standard in genuine .925 sterling silver, with 24k gold and rose gold plating options. If you’d like to go with something higher end, we also have 14k gold and 14k white gold options available.

In our opinion, these rings or something similar make the ideal wedding band, striking balance between unique and personal yet still classic appearance.

If you’re shopping for silver or gold rings, make sure to check out some Inexpensive & Easy Ways To Clean Your Jewelry At Home to keep it looking its’ best!


Shown: (L) Hollow Filigree Personalized Roman Numeral Date Ring in Sterling Silver, With Optional 24k Gold or Rose Gold plating. Also available in solid 14k gold or white gold; (R) Roman Numeral Engraved Date Band in Sterling Silver, with optional 24k Gold or Rose Gold plating. 

Two Halves Of The Same Whole

For the future husbands and wives that coordinate outfits, be on the lookout for couples’ matching jewelry sets. Our His Queen & Her King rings complement one another with an engraved half heart on each ring. They’re both made of stainless steel, which is a great option for an active lifestyle - it's lightweight, scratch resistant, extremely strong and durable, and is not sensitive to changes in temperature. 'His Queen' women's band features genuine AAA cubic zirconia stones and a rose gold-plated finish inside. 


Shown: His Queen & Her King Stainless Steel Couples Wedding Band Set

Blend Natural Wood With Industrial Strength

Some of us are addicted to the outdoors. Our life and style is built around nature and we can’t get enough fresh air. Ironically, this may very well mean getting a bit roughed up when constantly on the move. Durable wedding bands are required. For this, our solution is the Audax. At its’ core, this ring is made of tungsten carbide, which is harder than both steel and titanium, making it the strongest metal for wedding bands available. The outside is finished with Hawaiian Koa wood – the same wood used to make the first surfboards. The Audax is available is half-sizes from size 5 up to 14, which will fit nearly any man’s or woman’s hand.

Due to its’ tremendous strength, we recommend that active adventurers with colorful tastes search for unique tungsten wedding bands.


Shown: Audax Koa Wood & Abalone Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

Understated With A Dash Of Color 

If you want a rugged men’s wedding band that looks sharp in the woods or in a suit, matte black rings are the way to go. Sleek and tough, the strength of stainless steel and the matte finish make the ideal no-nonsense ring. In 2019, bright colors are trending across all styles, and men’s jewelry is no exception. Today is the age of peacocking in men’s fashion, and shining bright is celebrated.

There has been a surging interest in blue men’s wedding rings recently, which inspired our Martillo Black & Blue in stainless steel. As said above, stainless steel is extremely strong and resistant to scratches and rusting. This one can go anywhere and everywhere.


Shown: Martillo Black & Blue Stainless Steel Wedding Band

Matching Themed Rings 

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others, on their finger. Themed wedding bands carry with them an impression, not only an implication. For couples looking to express their love together, be on the lookout for his and hers matching rings. 

Shown below are our Forever Love bands in stainless steel. These feature brushed silver and gold colored finishing for a traditional wedding band appearance, with the modern strength of stainless steel.  There's something so poetic about the idea of 'forever', surpassing our lifetimes and into the infinite universe. For the couple who has chosen each other as their forever love, we offer a set of his and hers matching rings with this expression inscribed on each band. 


Shown: Forever Love Stainless Steel Couples Wedding Band Set

Eye-Catching Unisex Styles

With each passing year, certain fashion items become more unisex without protest from either side. From hats to scarves to jewelry, unisex styles are as popular as ever. For 2019, we’ve introduced an Iridescent Titanium-Steel wedding band to our catalog. Iridescence is a fascinating naturally occurring phenomenon under the right physical circumstances. From seashells, peacock feathers, bubbles and even oil in puddles on the street, the range of purple, blue, green and yellow colors displayed and the way they change under light are tantalizing. An iridescent wedding band is certainly unique, and makes a great option for couples looking for wedding band alternatives to the traditional styles.


Shown: Iridescent Titanium Steel Alloy Wedding Band

We hope this post has given you plenty of ideas for unique wedding bands that are durable, affordable and look great. If you’re getting married soon – congratulations! If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at patandz@ruggedswagco.com. Thanks for reading!

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