Men's Must-Have Industrial Jewelry Styles Of 2019

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Men's Rugged Modern Industrial Jewelry, Featuring Men's Pinky Ring In Steel, Men's Steel Cuff Bracelet, Men's Leather Wrap Bracelet With Shackle Buckle & Stainless Steel Cable Bracelet.

As men, we don’t care so much about elegant flashy jewelry, at least for daily wear. We want some everyday jewelry that can stand the test of time, take a few dings and give our outfits that hard-to-define edge – all while still looking sharp, of course. For the men seeking an unrefined rugged appearance, adding a few pieces of industrial jewelry to your collection is a must.

To make the toughest, most rugged jewelry, one must start with the toughest materials. We’ve added several industrial pieces to our collection of unique men’s jewelry which are featured in this article. Our new industrial pieces are made to last and are durable as hell, featuring materials like 316L stainless steel cable, genuine leather straps, steel bars and chunky steel blocks. Check out what makes these materials the best choice for making durable men’s jewelry!

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Highline Stainless Steel Cable Wrap Thick Cuff Bracelet

Shown Above: Highline 316L Stainless Steel Cable Wrap Bracelet

316L Stainless Steel Jewelry Made From Steel Cable

Steel comes in more forms that just plates and beams. Stainless steel cable, made from hundreds of individual steel strands woven together, is incredibly strong for its size. Think of a spider’s web on a massive scale – hoisting some heavy insect with a barely-visible strand of silk. In the case of steel cable, we’re talking about hoisting structural steel hundreds of feet off the ground and setting it on the 100thfloor of a building under construction. Or carrying eight lanes of highway across a mile wide river, hundreds of feet over the water. Even on a small scale, stainless steel cable in only 1/8-in diameter can withstand over 2,000 lbs of force before snapping – that’s literally a ton of force. When looking for toughness, why not make steel cable jewelry? That’s the inspiration for our Highline Stainless Steel Cable Wrap Bracelet – the bracelet that adjusts to fit any sized wrist, formed into a coil that holds its shape. The Highline is the first surgical steel jewelry piece we’ve offered. Surgical steel, AKA 316L or marine-grade steel, is known for its resistance to rust and is used in the wettest and saltiest environments in medicine and construction. This stainless steel cable bracelet isn't snapping under tension any time soon...

Forge Leather & Steel Horseshoe Shackle Buckle Clasp Bracelet

Shown Above: Forge Leather & Steel Horseshoe Buckle Bracelet

Steel Shackle Buckles Are For More Than Just Chains…

Boats, cargo freighters, cranes, locks, mountaineering – if there’s a need for a strong anchor or tie-off point, shackles are there first in line. Threaded shackles feature a screw closure, where the ‘U’ portion contains threads on one side to keep the threaded pin fully secure while in place. This removable pin makes it easier to fit the shackle into position around chain links and other obstacles. These popular buckles have been in use for centuries in some of the toughest industries. Our Forge Leather & Steel Horseshoe Buckle Bracelet takes the classic look of a black leather bracelet and combines it with a steel threaded shackle closure – complete with threaded set pin. The result is an all-black leather wrap bracelet the works with any outfit and emits an aura of strength. The Forge comes in three sizes to fit nearly all wrists.

Arx Chunky Silver Stainless Steel Geometric Signet Men's Pinky Ring

Shown Above: Arx Chunky Silver Steel Signet Ring

Men’s Pinky Rings Made From Solid Steel: Far From Delicate

While most men don’t wear rings other than wedding bands, chunky men’s rings have always been on the periphery – from college class rings & football rings to the styles of bold athletes, musicians and entertainment personalities. Gone are the times where only a select few men wore fashion rings – men’s fashion rings in 2019 are here to stay. Since rings are so small and are worn in such a highly used spot, they need to be tough to stand the test of time. Steel rings are tough as **** - do not worry about messing them up on the job or anywhere else like you would with gold or silver. You can hit it with a hammer and it’ll likely be fine (don’t do that! Safety first…). The Arx Steel Signet Ring is styled as the optimum blend of looking great with any men’s casual outfit and being a straight-up tough daily accessory. The Arx is designed as a men’s pinky ring, but works fine on any finger. Its durability is obvious the second you pick it up – it’s heavy and square, with several finishes available (shown in distressed gunmetal). If you want to break out of the wedding band routine, consider a men’s signet ring made of steel.

Twisted Metal Distressed Steel Bar Open Back Cuff Bracelet

Shown Above: Twisted Metal Distressed Steel Bar Cuff Bracelet

Modern Steel Designs With Old School Strength

If you’ve been to any new modern buildings lately, you’ve probably seen some repeating design themes – thin, sleek steel railings and ornamental finishes, minimalist exterior metal facades, etc. As the future demands newer and better designs, it always seems like less becomes more. Modern design keeps improving in strength while cutting away unnecessary details. Men’s cuff bracelets are no different. At first glance, our Twisted Metal Distressed Steel Bar cuff bracelet appears slender and minimalist – and it is. Don’t let the 3/16-in thickness fool you, as this relatively light steel cuff bracelet is surprisingly strong. This bracelet is made from steel bar and mechanically twisted & formed into shape. As with modern design, a little bit goes a long way. The Twisted Metal turns any ordinary outfit into a mere façade covering your underlying strength. The open back design allows for easy on and off fit. The Twisted Metal Cuff comes in only one size, but fits most wrists. 

In Conclusion…

For the men seeking an unrefined rugged appearance in 2019, consider adding a few pieces of industrial jewelry to your collection! We offer free USA shipping and 30 day returns. We are a small online boutique store that aims to offer the most unique and trending jewelry at a fair price.

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