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Men's Summer Fashion Essentials


Ah, yes…summer again. I am personally thankful – the lighter mornings and later evenings help me act like a good and decent member of our society. I run towards the outdoors, rather than towards the indoors. The world is born again, it seems… 

Back to the topic at hand – men’s summer fashion! Every year, more and more men are exploring ways to spice up their wardrobes and buy products to suit their lifestyle. Thanks to the internet, the sources of inspiration and ideas are basically unlimited.

There are also plenty of factors to think about when it comes to men’s summer fashion – the heat, the sun, less clothing, more active lifestyles and just generally existing more in the outside world. Here are a few conditions us men regularly encounter:

  • Shorts and no jacket means smaller pockets.
  • Formal occasions are a different ball game when it’s hotter than #%&@ outside.
  • Are you a hat guy? The options are more limited this time of year.
  • Time in the sun means time squinting when not prepared.
  • Are you a watch or jewelry fan? Those wrists will now be visible 24/7ish 
  • It’s nice out – excuses not to exercise outdoors are out the window!
  • Daytrips, camping trips and vacations become more frequent.

Here at RSCo., we decided to explore these aspects of men’s summer fashion and lifestyle, and pick out some great products that make the most of these variables. Let’s get into this!

For each item, we list Pros, Cons And An Overall Summary to help you decide if these products are right for you. 


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1. Carry Your Cash & Cards Without The “Shorts Pocket Bulge” (The PG Bulge)

Picture the scene: it's a warm, bright summer day. It's hot, so you're wearing shorts and a t-shirt. You're planning to spend the day traveling, driving around, running errands, taking in the scenery, and getting some dinner before heading home later that night. You definitely need your wallet, and there's 100% chance your normal-sized wallet is not going in your shorts pockets. 



Shown: Herschel Supply Co.’s Unisex Charlie RFID Leather Wallet

Enter the card wallet. This is the Charlie, a card wallet by Herschel Supply Co. made from genuine leather for longevity, durability and a sophisticated look. It's built to block RFID (radio frequency ID) waves from reaching your credit cards, leaving the tech-savvy thieves waiting in the wings disappointed when they can't steal your information. And best of all, it slips effortlessly into those snug shorts pockets. No pocket bulging required. 


  • Slim design allows you to carry essential ID cards, credit cards and some cash in tight pockets.
  • Genuine leather is durable and water-resistant.
  • RFID protection for peace of mind. 


  • Only fits a couple of cards and a small amount of cash, so plan accordingly.


For easy travel, peace of mind and comfort in your pockets, a card wallet is a great buy for someone on the go during the spring and summer months. If you've been annoyed by bulky wallets when wearing shorts, owning a card wallet is definitely worth it.


2. Got An Event To Dress Up For? Look Cool While Staying Cooler

Though emitting a vibe of distinction, the main benefit of seersucker material is to provide relief from the sun, heat and humidity. It should come as no surprise that wearing seersucker material in America originates from New Orleans, which is no stranger to humid weather and blistering summer heat. This makes seersucker a staple in fine Southern men's fashion. 


Shown: Tommy Hilfiger’s Blue Seersucker Lightweight Blazer in Modern Fit

The term 'seersucker' originates from two Persian words that translate to 'milk' and 'sugar', which reference the uneven wavy texture of the fabric. Believe it or not, this waviness actually allows for space between the fabric and your body, allowing it to feel much lighter with added airflow. 


  • Lightweight keeps you cool and dry.
  • Distinct appearance of seersucker brings out another layer of complexity to your look.
  • Tommy Hilfiger makes high quality suits and blazer, especially considering their prices. 


  • Seersucker is mostly limited to warm climates and seasons, so this blazer will have limited uses. Be prepared for strange looks if you wear seersucker  to a NYC holiday party. 
  • Wavy appearance of seersucker may not suit everyone's tastes. A great alternative to seersucker in this case is linen


Seersucker is a great addition to your wardrobe if you already own basic suits and blazers in charcoal, black and/or navy blue. Although limited to warmer weather, Tommy Hilfiger offers a fair price for the quality you receive, so adding this classy look to your wardrobe will not break the bank.


3. Show Your Adventurous Side In A Lightweight Straw Fedora

The Albuquerque, by Goorin Bros., is a flip-up straw fedora that takes inspiration from New Mexico's vibrant sunsets and high desert vibes.

Straw fedora hats have been a staple of tasteful casual dress in warm climates for many years, ranging from desert to jungle climates. Straw is worn in these climates for its' natural breathability and light weight.  



Shown: Men's Albuquerque Straw Fedora by Goorin Bros.


  • Versatility - when it comes to the heat & sun, a straw fedora looks great on the beach in a T shirt, or with a lightweight summer suit 
  • Distinguished Looks - from Teddy Roosevelt to Leonardo DiCaprio, straw hats have been rocked by many well-dressed men over the last 100+ years.
  • Flexible - Straw is soft & pliable, not stiff. 
  • Breathable - straw hats don't hug your hat the way a baseball cap do, and therefore allow heat to dissipate when worn in hot climates. The Albuquerque features a cotton band inside for a comfortable fit when worn.


  • Not waterproof - material is lightweight and natural, which will absorb water quickly. Allow for air drying if wet to avoid water collecting and mildew to form. 
  • Hand washing is required. 

Summary: The straw fedora hat: men's distinguished classic accessory for the summer months that can be worn for nearly any (dry) occasion! 

Four sizes are available: Small, medium, large and extra large.


4. Attention: The Clubmaster Has Arrived

The Ray-Ban® Clubmaster is a classic staple in the arena of browline glasses: a style with a diverse cultural history that has been worn by many, including Malcolm X, Bruce Willis and more. Browline glasses are known specifically for their pronounced upper frame that sits across the eyebrows.   


Shown: Clubmaster Classic Sunglasses by Ray-Ban®


  • Protective case included.
  • Nose bearing pads are adjustable for the perfect fit. 
  • Lenses are prescription-ready (Rx-able) and offer 100& UV protection.
  • Ray-Ban® products sold by authorized sellers, like Amazon.com, are eligible for all manufacturer warranties and guarantees.


  • Not good for intense or prolonged athletic activity - will not stay in place with lots of head movement. 
  • Plastic frame is not as durable as their metal counterparts. 

Summary: The Clubmaster is the perfect pair of sunglasses for the man with classy, distinguished tastes with a hint of boldness.  


5. Look Like A Diver, With The Support Of The Watch Aficionados

 Seiko has been crafting superb dive watches for over 50 years. The Japanese watchmaker, known for its' precise, made-in-house mechanical movements, has been chosen as the go-to watch for expeditions to both the north and south pole and to the bottom of the ocean alike. Seiko has been renowned for their dependable, affordable and practical watches for many years, and their dive watches are no exception. They even helped develop the original dive watch performance criteria for the International Organization For Standards (ISO). 


Shown: Seiko Prospex Sumo Automatic Diver Watch

Main Features:

  • The Sumo Dive Watch features the Seiko 23 jewel automatic movement (6R15), which includes a date display.
  • This watch features highly luminous hands and markers treated with Lumibrite, so you can tell the time while diving 660ft under water. 
  • Hardlex mineral crystal and a solid etched, screw-down case back.
  • The 6R15 Seiko movement is self-winding and it can be hand wound.
  • The movement has a 50 hour power reserve and it is accurate to +25 to -15 seconds per day.
  • Comes on a stainless steel bracelet with a double locking fold-over push-button clasp with a divers extension.

Model No.: SBDC033 "Sumo"


  • Japanese engineering & precision.
  • Stainless steel case is tough, thick, and durable.
  • Looks great in casual and dress settings. 
  • It's an automatic / self-winding mechanical watch with popular diver styling (and utility) that has comparable quality to more prestigious Swiss brands, without the hefty price tag.


  • 50 hour power reserve basically means it will stop ticking if you don't wear it for two days, due to its' self-winding mechanical movement. If you don't want to deal with resetting it on that frequency, an automatic watch may not be for you. Keep in mind that this will be true for nearly all automatic watches! 
  • Though of comparable quality, is not in the theoretical 'Swiss watch club', if that means something to you. 


This is a high quality, Japanese-made automatic watch that has very similar look and mechanics to popular, well-regarded Swiss watches. It doesn't break the bank, and doesn't break easily. A solid addition to the collection for any casual watch fan. 


6. Wrap It: The Versatile, Durable, Waterproof, Badass Bracelet 

High Tension Cable: The most under-appreciated structural element. Modern suspension bridges, cranes, power lines and suspended cable cars are what keep the world in motion. Cables are made from many thin wires intricately braided into a larger wire rope. This is the inspiration for the Highline, the adjustable open-back wrap bracelet made with 1/4-inch stainless steel cable. Strong & sleek, industrial-styled, and finished with reflective steel cubic end caps. This steel cable bracelet isn't snapping under tension any time soon...


Shown: Highline 316L Stainless Steel Cable Wrap Bracelet

Bracelet adjusts & wraps to fit all wrists. This was originally designed as a men's bracelet but many women love it, too. 



7. Smart Fitness Tracking, Without The Smart Watch

For the health & fitness enthusiasts out there, we know that the difference between being good vs being great comes down to tracking the metrics. Information related to calories burned, distance ran, activities performed and sleep quality affect our fitness' "bottom line". Not everyone wants email alerts or texts to show up on their phone - in fact, some of us use fitness to ESCAPE these things! If this sounds like you, the FitBit Charge 2 may just be what you're looking for.  


Shown: Fitbit’s Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband (International Version)


  • PurePulse provides continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate tracking to better measure calorie burn all day.
  • Maximize your workouts using simplified heart rate zones (Fat Burn, Cardio and Peak).
  • See call, text & calendar notifications on the OLED display; Automatically track how long and how well you sleep and wake with a silent vibrating alarm.
  • Get a better understanding of your fitness level and see how you can improve over time with a personalized Cardio Fitness Score
  • Use Connected GPS during run mode to see real-time stats like pace and distance on your wrist


  • The FitBit Charge 2 will provide a comprehensive amount of information to you regarding your overall health: heart rate, calories burned (including resting), running pace & distance, and even your sleep.
  • Lightweight and water-resistant features will help keep your activity focused and uninterrupted. 


  • The FitBit Charge 2 offers comparable fitness-related stats as the Apple iWatch, but no where near the amount of features outside of fitness, like the numerous Apple apps the iWatch can collaborate with. 
  • This makes it optimal for fitness, specifically. If you need additional features, check out some smart watches instead. 


For the people out who like to track their states - athletes, regularly active people and the health-conscious, the FitBit Charge 2 will provide a TON of information in a lightweight, comfortable, affordable watch format - without all the smartphone stuff. 


8. I Don’t Think Snap Back Trucker Hats Will Ever Not Be Cool…

The mesh trucker hat is an absolute essential in men's summer fashion. Take a dunk in the ocean, sit in the sun all day and go out that night, and a mesh trucker hat will keep on truckin' with you. Are you a woman who loves this look? Great - the Animal Farm Trucker is unisex!


Shown: The Animal Farm Snap Back Trucker Hat by Goorin Bros.


  • This hat features an adjustable snap back to fit any size
  • Fabric is 100% cotton, which is soft, pliable & high quality. 
  • Mesh allows for lots of breathability and fresh air to keep your head cool
  • If it DOES get wet, mesh and cotton will dry quickly.
  • Represent your spirit animal, if you're into that! Choose from 'Freedom' Bald Eagle, Lone Wolf, Black Sheep, Stallion & many more (see more at Amazon via link above).


  • Though this hat dries quickly, mesh will allow water to enter! 
  • Limited to casual settings. If you want to wear this hat to a wedding, we won't stop you!

Summary: If you need a breathable, comfortable, durable summer accessory for hanging out casually that also represents your spirit animal, this mesh snap back by Goorin is right up your alley. 


9. The Cousin Of The Classic Aviator Shades Is Just As Versatile

Do you have classic style? Do you prefer a design that's stood the test of time for many years, rather than the newest or latest thing? The Ray-Ban® Classic Square Aviator Sunglasses are shades that will look as great 10 years from now as they do now, or did 10 years ago. These sunglasses could be the only pair you need on any occasion, for years to come. 


Shown: Men's Classic Square Aviator Sunglasses by Ray-Ban®


  • Metal frame provides more durability than plastic.
  • Nose bearing pads are adjustable for the perfect fit. 
  • Protective case included, which comes in a variety of colors.
  • Lenses are prescription-ready (Rx-able) and offer 100& UV protection. 


  • Not good for intense or prolonged athletic activity - will not stay in place with lots of head movement. 


These sunglasses are classics in both style and quality, and they don't pretend to be anything else.


10. The Time For A Quest Has Arrived, And Your Shoes Are Invited

Quest: A long & difficult journey, in search for something significant. What things are you searching for? With the Quest Canvas & Leather Duffel Bag, your shoes won't be one of them. Featuring a separate zippered shoe compartment, this duffel bag is vintage-inspired and handmade using waxed canvas and cowhide leather, and features two leather handles and an adjustable thick cotton shoulder strap. Features multiple interior sleeves and an interior zippered pocket. Bring this bag along for overnight travel or multi day trips. Perfect for frequent business travelers as well. Airline overhead carry-on compliant.

Quest Canvas And Leather Vintage Durable Duffel Bag

Shown: The Quest Canvas & Leather Duffel Bag by Safar Bag Co.


  • Canvas material is tough and waxed to be somewhat water-resistant (short periods of exposure to rain, etc).
  • Bags are handmade with durable stitching, rugged hardware and soft liner.
  • This duffel is small enough to work as a carry-on on airplanes, yet has a separate shoe compartment.
  • Safar Bag Co. offers $10 Off any bag or wallet if you’re a first-time customer, using promo code VACA10 at checkout.


  • No dividers inside the bag.
  • Canvas is water-resistant, not waterproof – plan accordingly!
  • This bag is vintage-inspired, so it does not have some features of modern suitcases.


If you need a tough, do-it-all bag to fit your general travel needs for a reasonable price, the Quest is a fail-safe option.


11. Backpacking Has Never Been More Comfortable, Even In The Great Outdoors

If you're active in the outdoors, enjoy frequent trips (day trips included), and like to be "prepared" when it comes to what you bring, a large versatile backpack is a wise investment. Mix in things like hiking, traveling by foot, working on the go and airports, and features like comfortable shoulder straps, laptop compartments and water-resistance start to matter. That's where the Huey backpack by Under Armour begins to shine.   


Shown: Men's Huey Outdoor Backpack by Under Armour


  • Versatile. Carries everything you need for school, work and commuting to/from either with a sizable laptop compartment and several large zippered compartments. Water-resistant and large enough for outdoor and active uses as well.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and molle webbing make outdoor activities easier and more comfortable. 


  • Not ideal as a sole bag for business uses depending on the rules of your workplace and industry. 
  • Water-resistant does not mean waterproof! Plan accordingly. 


If you live a life on the go, travel frequently and spend time outdoors, a tough, reliable backpack with lots of pockets is a great thing to own. This UA backpack meets all of those requirements.


    12. Sign Of The Ties: Knit Styles Add Depth To Your Look

    Not sold on woven or knit ties? Ask James Bond, who began rocking one in the 60's. Some believe James Bond was the first true men's fashion icon in cinema, making it cool to wear a suit every day no matter what. Whether this sounds like you or not, you can at least borrow a page from his book and make a statement at your next party. 


    Shown: Men's Modern Woven Slim Necktie by Secdtie


    • Though shown in bright green here, choose from a variety of colors and patterns offered by Secdtie, so you can add some flavor to any suit or shirt you presently own.
    • A woven tie stands out from the rest, especially for spring and summer event when paired with a lightweight blazer or suit.
    • At a fair price, stock up on several types to add tons of variety to your wardrobe.


    • Not the best tie for formal or business occasions - if you are just starting to build a more formal wardrobe, opt for a few simple, traditional ties first that cover more bases. 


    If you're trying to add some flavor to your suit and blazer (no rhyme intended but keeping it) or add some summer pieces to your wardrobe, this woven tie by Secdtie is a great value for the money. 

        13. Join The MVMT: The Watch Brand That Provides More For Less

          MVMT delivers premium on-trend watches and accessories, designed at their headquarters in Los Angeles. They're so confident you'll love what they do, that they offer a two-year guarantee on everything they make.


          Shown: Men's Classic Minimalist Analog 45mm Watch by MVMT

          Main Features:

          • QUINTESSENTIAL MINIMALIST PIECE: a modern classic with a 45mm diameter case, and higher profile that sits nicely on the wrist.
          • SOPHISTICATED MOVEMENT: Battery-powered 3 hand Miyota Quartz movement.
          • GENUINE LEATHER WRIST BAND: Durable and tasteful for dressed-up occasions. 
          • DURABLE AND WATER RESISTANT: Weatherproof up to 3 ATM/30 meter depth. Perfect for carefree everyday use but should not be submerged in water. Glass case is made of hardened mineral crystal for enhanced durability.
          • DESIGNED IN THE USA: Premium on-trend watches and accessories are designed at MVMT's headquarters in Los Angeles.
          • TWO YEAR GUARANTEE: MVMT is so confident you'll love what they do, that they offer a two-year guarantee on everything they make.

          Model No.: L2131L331


          • With great features like a Japanese Quartz movement, stainless steel case & genuine leather strap, this watch is a fantastic value for the price.
          • Shares styling and appearance with more expensive competition.
          • MVMT offers a two-year guarantee on their watches. 


          • Quartz movement will require occasional battery replacement.
          • Limited waterproof capability, simple design and leather band limit this watch to casual, work and fashionable settings; not a watch for athletics or complex function.


          If your goal is to find a great looking, modern watch that tells time accurately for a reasonable price, a MVMT watch is perfect for you. 


          14. The Strongest Bracelet You’ve Ever Worn

          Steel is unquestionable. It unapologetically displays itself to the world as it truly is - strong, heavy and inflexible. Few materials do it better. The Twisted Metal Cuff is exactly that. This open-back industrial-styled cuff bracelet is cut from raw commercial grade 3/16-inch steel bar, then curled and twisted along its axis into shape. Finally, the edges are ground down slightly to keep its new owner from getting cuts. Simple and true to itself, the way all steel jewelry should be. This cuff bracelet included a distressed gunmetal grey finish for a well-worn appearance. 


          Shown: Our Twisted Metal Distressed Steel Bar Cuff Bracelet

          Fits any wrist up to 7.5-inch in circumference. Designed as a men's bracelet, but can be worn by women as well. 




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